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Black Dragon Automotive Order Policy

Order Policies

Ordering: Your Responsibilities

  1. Be prepared with correct mailing zip code.
  2. Give correct part number, description of part and quantity desired.
  3. State make, model, year of vehicle and chassis ID number where pertinent.
  4. Have credit card account number, expiration date, name as it appears on the card and a billing address ready before you phone. Any incomplete/incorrect information will delay your order.
  5. Specify if shipping address is different from mailing address, be prepared with correct mailing zip code.
  6. To ensure accuracy, speak distinctly and spell your name, street, city and state.
  7. When ordering by mail or fax include all information above, use Order Form whenever possible and please print clearly. Include daytime phone number.
  8. When ordering by mail or fax, the correct parts total with additional charges are your responsibility.

Parts Information

We are not trained automotive technicians. You should consult local machine shops and mechanics regarding technical advice. Technical information is included in workshop manuals shown in catalogs.

Availability Of Parts

Every part listed in this catalog at the time it was written was available to us from our importers, suppliers or manufacturers. We serve a hobby that spans over 30 years and, even for late model vehicles, parts become discontinued. When a part is discontinued, it will be removed from the next current catalog. If you have ordered an item that becomes discontinued, the part will be cancelled from your order. You will be notified and refunded, if prepaid.

Substitution Of Parts

We reserve the right to substitute products of similar nature and like quality.


If a part you ordered is not in stock at the time you placed your order, chances are it is already on the way to us. Such items will show as backordered on your packing list and will be shipped as soon as possible. If you do not want backorders to be filled, simply write "No Backorders” on your order form. Backorders can be cancelled prior to shipment by calling our customer order line, 1-888-789-3746.

Cancelled Orders

Orders with incomplete/incorrect information will be cancelled within 5 business days. Ten days after the third attempt to contact you, your order will be cancelled.


The following may appear on your packing list:

BACKORD - Backordered, will ship when available.

TOS - Temporarily Out of Stock. Part cancelled. Please reorder in 3-4 weeks.

TBA - To Be Announced (Availability). Part cancelled from order. Check availability at a future date.

NLA - No Longer Available, stock depleted or no manufacturer.

Part Number Definitions

T - After a part number means that part must be shipped Truck Freight. The prepaid order will include a $125.00 charge for delivery in the 48 contiguous United States. Orders outside of 48 states will be quoted.

* - After the sell price means Oversize Part Charge. Your order will incur a charge of $20.00 for each oversized part.

Z - Remanufactured Part - Core charge will be applied then refunded after receipt of a rebuildable core.

R - Remanufactured Part - No core charge.

Payment Methods

  1. Credit or debit cards accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover.
  2. Checks By Phone: Requires a $100 minimum order. Please have your account number and routing number ready when calling. First time customers, please allow 72 hours for processing.
  3. PREPAID ORDERS MUST BE PAID IN U.S. FUNDS. Not responsible for cash sent through USPS, UPS or other delivery methods. Money orders or certified checks payable to Long Motor Corporation are preferred since personal checks may cause a delay. NO FOREIGN CURRENCY.
  4. C.O.D. orders will only be shipped for cashier's check or money order upon delivery. Refer to C.O.D.'s Section.
  5. Gift certificates may be purchased through our Telephone Service Representatives. Gift certificate may only be redeemed by mail or at the City Pickup Counter.

Credit Card Charging

We do not charge your account when we receive your order. We only charge your account at the time the order goes to shipping and for only those items being shipped. Your copy of the packing list is your record of payment.

Refunds are made in the same manner in which you made payment. Credit to your charge card or refund check if you paid by check. Credit to your charge card will not appear until you receive your next billing statement. Refunds on orders paid by check will be issued after 10 working days from receipt of check.

Returns Policy

Returns Procedure



We establish prices and hold those prices until a new edition or supplemental price sheet is published. Except for unusual circumstances the price in the current catalog “Sell” column is the low price you will pay.

Catalog/Web Site Errors

We have made every effort to assure that the information in the catalog and on our web site is correct. We will not be held liable or responsible if any inaccuracy exists in specifications or pricing. We reserve the right to correct any errors.

Your Rights

As a mail order customer you have certain rights according to federal regulation. We want you to be aware of those rights and be assured we will protect those rights. We are in business to serve you.

If we are unable to ship your order within 30 days of the date received, we will notify you. On prepaid orders over 60 days, your written approval is required, or parts will be cancelled and you will receive a prompt refund.

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